4,800+ GRE Vocabulary Words 3.1

4,800+ GRE Vocabulary Words 3.1



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KnowPro GRE Vocabulary is the best tool available for learning vocabulary and improving your test scores.

This app contains over 4,800 common GRE Vocabulary words!

Vocabulary has become even more important on the GRE. It's critical to the verbal section of the test, namely the analogies and antonyms sections. How well you score depends largely on your knowledge of vocabulary. This app contains over 4,800 common GRE Vocabulary words.

According to Educational Testing Services (makers of the GRE test), "the verbal ability measure is designed to test the ability to reason with words in solving problems. Reasoning effectively in a verbal medium depends primarily upon the ability to discern, comprehend, and analyze relationships among words or groups of words and within larger units of discourse such as sentences and written passages. " 100 years of research have proven that the more words you know, the faster you read and the more you comprehend. Which means that, once again, a powerful vocabulary is critical to success on this section of the exam. In fact, vocabulary is still so important to scoring highly on the GRE that GRE prep programs like Kaplan, Princeton Review and others continue to make it a primary focus of their students' GRE preparation.

The KnowPro quiz on GRE Vocabulary will enrich your understanding of the most frequently used words on the GRE. But this test doesn't just quiz you on the top 100 words and leave it at that, this test includes OVER 4,800 VOCABULARY WORDS THAT ARE MOST COMMONLY USED ON THE GRE TEST.

Each question of the KnowPro GRE Vocabulary quiz provides a definition and four words. Your task is to identify the correct word for the provided definition.

There's no shortcut and just no getting around it if you want a high score on the GRE, you've still got to work on your vocabulary skills.

Every KnowPro app:
1) Is written by an expert on the topic
2) Is edited by an award-winning professional editorial staff, and
3) Features top-of-the-line technology for testing your knowledge and learning a subject matter

*This app is for educational purposes only. However, KnowPro makes no representations or warranties about the accuracy of the information contained in this App. User should independently verify all information and answers contained in this App before relying on this App as part of any study program. KnowPro is not affiliated with or endorsed by Educational Testing Services for any purpose.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 3.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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